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About the company

About the company

Since 1996, we have been implementing, in Poland and abroad, IT projects connected with spatial information. We implement comprehensive, effective and long-term GIS class solutions based on global IT standards.  We present the factual, technological and implementation potential to carry out complex GIS projects. We are a versatile partner and advisor in GIS projects.

Our team consists of experts from various fields. As part of project implementation  we rely on original tools and technologies offered by, among others, Oracle, Bentley, Tekla, Microsoft, Siemens and IBM. We provide IT solutions for spatial and technical information management as well as data processing. Offered systems ensure safe access to up-to-date information, indispensable for making right decisions.

Main areas of activity:

  • implementing spatial and technical information systems,
  • building spatial databases and warehouses,
  • supplying GIS systems with data,
  • developing dedicated software,
  • implementing decision support systems,
  • providing hardware solutions as part of implemented projects,
  • comprehensive consulting and training.

Our products are dedicated to:

  • transport infrastructure (roads, railways and airports),
  • industry (plants and mines),
  • utilities (gas, energetics, heat engineering, water supply systems and the sewage system, telecommunications),
  • administration (central, provincial, self-government units of all rungs),
  • design and surveying offices.


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